Highlights from the National Day of Compassion
Hugh Mackay

Highlights from the National Day of Compassion

2022 : Deep Listening

Hugh Mackay Well-known author, psychologist and social scientist Hugh Mackay AO is the National Ambassador for the work of the Charter in Australia. In his refection on Deep Listening Hugh comments on the Importance of Compassion and Deep Listening for Today’s World.

Margaret Hepworth is the Executive Officer at Initiatives of Change  where she and her indigenous colleagues have been working to bring deep listening to create more meaningful outcomes in Voice and Treaty.

Gwen Pinnington Australian Compassion Council member Gwen Pinnington provides an overview of the compassion activities that the ACC undertook during the past year – learn how the value and evidence base of compassion was embedded in business, healthcare, education and other activities.

Marilyn Turkovich the Executive Director of the global Charter  Marilyn Turkovich,  provides an affirmation of the Australian Compassion Council’s intention to Deep Dreaming Australia a Continent for Compassion.

Terry Ayling and Dr Debbie Ling  Australian Compassion Council members Terry Ayling and Dr Debbie Ling reiterate the Australian Council’s Pillars of Compassion: Deep Listening with Wisdom, through the Lens of Our Common Humanity.