Compassion, Science and Research

The work of the Charter draws on the new evidence base of compassion which seeks to understand, not just the problems of the human mind, but also the positive qualities of the mind which include empathy and compassion. This science is relatively new and multi-disciplinary & includes the disciplines of psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and management theory (emotional intelligence). Compassion has several distinct components: awareness of suffering in another; feeling moved by that suffering; taking resourced action to alleviate that suffering.

Compassion and Research Events Occurring Across Australia

ACC Scholars

The ACC Scholars group was established in 2018 to connect compassion researchers in Australia to share their research and findings locally and internationally through the international Charter movement. The ACC Scholars forum was held in Sydney in late November 2019. This forum will examine the Australian research underway into compassion.

The 2020 National Compassion Scholars Forum will take please on Monday Nov 9 between 9.30-12.30pm – This National Forum entitled ‘Managing Change and Complexity with Compassion: New Research and Applications’ features speakers including Prof William Mobley, Director of the Institute of Empathy and Compassion, UC San Diego.