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Compassion in Healthcare

Epworth Monash Rehabilitation Medicine Unit, Epworth HealthCare. Dr Debbie Ling is conducting a study investigating the impact of common humanity training on doctor wellbeing, sense of connection and compassion. It is a randomised controlled trial where doctors will be given face-to-face common humanity training combined with a 6 week common humanity app to support the training. Doctors are known to display higher rates of depression, stress, depersonalisation, emotional fatigue and burnout than the general public. There is an urgent need to research strategies that support doctors’ wellbeing, sense of connection and compassion.
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Compassion & Common Humanity in Health Care Professions training

Monash University’s Dr Debbie Ling (Lecturer, Social Work Department) has established a Monash University Compassion and Common Humanity Working Party to investigate ways to bring compassion into curricula and professional development for health care professions. In 2021, compassion and common humanity content is being taught to social work, occupational therapy and physiotherapy students at Monash.

Common Humanity Training – Free Webinar held 17 March 2021, 12pm-1pm.