COMPASSION and the Environment

Experiences in nature have found that green spaces in cities have a positive health effect, including less stress, improved mental health, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, among others. A recent analysis of nine longitudinal studies involving seven countries and a total of over eight million people, provides strong evidence on the impact of increasing green areas on our physical and mental health.

COMPASSION and the Environment Events Occurring Across Australia

Compassionate Ballarat joined forces with the global Compassion Tree Project, the Green World Campaign and the Upper Emu Creek Landcare Group. While our initial target was to plant 100 trees at the Mullawallah Wetlands in fact well over the 100 trees were planted as part of this initiative. The aim of the global Compassion Tree Project is to link us together in a single global effort, connecting us all in our common humanity to take action about climate change. At the commencement of the wetlands planting a poem was read from the global tree project website.


Australian Compassion Council’s Dr Lynne Reeder recently Chaired a discussion on Compassion and Climate Change and you can listen to the full conversation from the button below.


Australia recently took part in the global Greening the World project. This project involves choirs of children from around the world singing the song ‘Tree by Tree by Tree’. The children of Lal Lal School in regional Victoria, Australia sent a message of peace to the whole world, featuring the song. It was filmed on Wadaurrung Country at Woowookarung Regional Park, the location of the planting of a Blackwood tree and the beginning of the Dementia Walk.  This video was beautifully shot by Erin from Yum Studio and our thanks also to Parks Victoria and the children from the Lal Lal Primary School – it’s a lovely nurturing video to watch.