Compassion in Organisations

Please join us for this online conference brought together by the Australian Compassion Council (ACC) Network in partnership with the Body, Heart & Mind in Business Research Group at the University of Sydney.

What Does the Science of Compassion Offer Organisations?

From hospitals, to universities, to company boards – the scientific understanding of compassion has something valuable to offer them all. 

Compassion has been shown to play an important role in identifying workplace suffering, needs and expectations, and to strengthen employers and employee’s prosocial motivations. If taken seriously, the motivation of compassion is a powerful reminder to all leaders that organisations that espouse one set of values but live another, can have very high rates of turnover because of the stress on staff. 

Creating and managing organisations with high levels of psychological safety is becoming more important as public and private companies are dealing with compounding risk factors such as changes in technology, in global financial markets, and in social distributions. 

The ACC Scholars Network, in partnership with the University of Sydney’s, Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group, and the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at Federation University Australia has organised the 2023 ACC Scholars Forum on Thursday 19 October from 4.00pm-6.00pm. This online forum features International and Australian speakers including:

Prof Michael West who will speak on Leading with Compassion for Hope in Challenging Times.Michael is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Lancaster University in the UK, where he has led the development of strategies and leadership for health and social care – he will speak to the question: How can we develop cultures of high-quality performance in the challenging circumstances we face

Dr Elizabeth King who will speak on The Mindful Compassionate Board: Navigating Complex Choices with Humanity.Elizabeth has worked for many years as a Leadership Development Advisor – she will explore the essential role mindfulness and compassion play in guiding board members through the intricate balance of institutional interests, economic imperatives, and societal concerns.

Prof Narelle Lemon who will speak on Compassion in Higher Education: Humanizing how we are and who we are with each other. Narelle is a Professor at Edith Cowan University and her most recent edited book is Practising Compassion in Higher Education: Caring for self and others through challenging time – she will discuss the need to redefine our work and humanize our learning spaces. 

Date: 19 October 2023  Time 4.00pm-6.00pm (AEDT) Registration:

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Dr Lynne Reeder –  M) 0431 608958

National Director, Australian Compassion Council (ACC)
Board Member, Global Compassion Coalition 
Adjunct Research Fellow, Federation University Australia 
Science and Research Coordinator, International Charter for Compassion