Humanitarian Lifeguard

Simon Lewis, St Kilda Lifesaving Club captain, volunteered in January 2016 to help rescue Syrian refugees off the coast of Lesvos, Greece.  His team helped 517 refugees ranging from babies to 80-year olds.  He is a special supporter for the UNHCR and has been nominated for Australian of the Year.  View his story here:

The Food is Free Laneway

A film about the Food is Free laneway that was started by Lou Ridsdale in Ballarat. The laneway allows people to drop off excess food for people to take for free.

Lior and Nigel Westlake – Compassion Symphony

The message of Compassion is that the world would be a better place if we were all more understanding and welcoming of other cultures.  The power of the work comes from the combination of text and music and the unique quality of Lior’s vocalising.  He has a vast range from bass to high falsetto and he creates the most beautiful melismatic patterns to express emotion.

Read their recent review on writing Compassion.